Carling Property Group is an innovative property group with a successful investment subsidiary and forward-thinking, socially responsible business model. Carling Property Group and its owners, Graeme & Leanne Carling are on a mission to enhance lives through property and have developed a modern and ethical business model geared towards rapid expansion.

Carling Property Group is the largest residential property landlord in Scotland and is well on track to meet its ambitious target of owning 1000 residential properties within 5 years. Carling Property Group’s residential portfolio has grown to 350 properties whilst adopting a unique acquisition and development strategy and becoming Scotland’s only private, affordable-housing provider.

With a clear understanding of the end user, Carling Property Group have developed a focused acquisition model and been successful in securing private finance from like-minded investors. This innovative approach has identified an opportunity in the re-use and re-development of old housing as affordable options with government financed housing associations focusing on the build-to-let market.

Last year Carling Property Group were awarded Most Outstanding Affordable Housing Provider in the UK 2015 at the UK Over 50s Housing Awards and Deal of the Year at the Courier Business Awards, and as news of the groups innovative approach and socially responsibility continues to spread, Graeme & Leanne are regularly invited to speak at events and conferences as private sector rental markets experts.

Professionals in development
Carling Property Group don’t just develop or renovate properties to generate returns, they view each property with a contractor’s eye first so they know what it will take to turn existing properties into performing properties. CPG then manage each development to provide a quality living experience for the tenants. These two strengths combined construction and management mean Carling Property Group can locate, renovate and manage a property to deliver the best possible living experience for residents and the best possible return on investment for their investors. It’s what makes CPG unique. And it’s what makes them successful.

An experienced and reputable team

Owned by husband and wife team, Graeme and Leanne Carling, Carling Property has been created through their aim of enhancing lives through property for their investors and property tenants.
Using over two decades of experience in property development and investment, Carling Property Group has developed into one of the country’s most innovative and forward thinking property investment companies, with a specific commitment to delivering quality affordable private sector housing to the Scottish rental market. This instinctive social responsibility sets CPG apart from many other investors and developers.

Well Connected!

Over the past decade Graeme & Leanne have built a close network of international connections, including the well-known American investors, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, national estate agents and solicitors, and it is through this network that they gain access to off-market property opportunities which fit the current model for investment.
Graeme & Leanne work with the best in the business when it comes to protecting your investment including; Scotland’s leading property legal firm McVey & Murricane Solicitors, the largest independent firm of Chartered Accountants in Scotland Johnston Carmichael, respected property agents Graham & Sibbald and McEwan Fraser and also top chartered surveyors DM Hall.

Focussed and ambitious

The demand in the Scottish housing market is at an all-time high, and with government reports indicating a significant lack of supply of housing and falling government budgets for development, an opportunity exists! Graeme & Leanne have proven that fast financial reward does not have to be at the expense of product quality or consumer expectation and that they can provide quality affordable housing opportunities whilst delivering a strong return on investment for their clients.